Our Mission & Vision

GeeCom India's Mission is:

To provide a Win-Win platform that will benefit all our users.

To create value for every user in very transparent and democratic manner.

To support and facilitate E-commerce for ‘Farmers’ and ‘Rural India’.

To encourage and promote 'Organic', 'Natural' and ‘Responsible Farming’ therefore 'Better Consumer Health'.

To Support and Strengthen the Core (Farms and Villages) of Indian Economy.

GeeCom India's Vision is:

That every Indian should be part of digital journey and shall reap the benefits of 'Digital India'.

That benefits of E-commerce & Digital Technologies reaches to 'Farmers' & 'People in Rural India'.

That income of 'Farmers' & 'People in Rural India' improves therefore their status and quality of life.

Widespread adoption of 'Organic' and 'Natural' farming so that ‘Quality of Food’ and ‘Health of Consumers’ improves.

Establish 'GeeCom India' as a constructive and positive brand that contributes in society and spreads smiles among everyone.